Island of Rab

The wealth of nature and cultural heritage

The island of love and happiness, as Rab is rightly called, is a place that leaves no one indifferent. Fall in love with the unique combination of natural beaches, Mediterranean gastronomy and the island’s rich history !

Meet our island !


The very name of the island of Rab comes from the word Arba, which means “woody” or “green” in Illyrian, and as such it was most often described by Greek navigators in whose travelogues the island of Rab was mentioned for the first time. Such a name is not surprising, given that the island is rich in holm oak forests (lat. Quercus Ilex) and the Kalifront peninsula with its Dundo forest forms one of the largest holm oak forest communities in Europe.

The Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by warm summers but also pleasant and mild winters, gave our island benefits for the development of numerous plant and animal species, which is reflected in the wealth of flora and fauna that can be found on the island – and which further refines our rich gastronomic offer, so so in nearby restaurants you can find traditional fish specialties accompanied by home-grown vegetables, all seasoned with home-made olive oil!

Over 30 natural sandy beaches

The indented coast of the Adriatic Sea that surrounds the Island of Rab has enriched our island with numerous natural beaches, surrounding islets and bays, some of the most attractive of which are in the immediate vicinity of our accommodation!

Mild and pleasant climate

The Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild and pleasant winters as well as warm summers, provided many favorable conditions for living on the island. The most pleasing is the temperature of the sea, which makes it pleasant for bathers during most of the year, and in the summer months it is an average of 25 °C.

Cultural heritage and tradition

The old town center with its characteristic sight of 4 bell towers is a real small cultural monument of Rab’s rich history and the center of all activities on the island in the summer months, and it is only a few minutes’ walk from our accommodation units.

2600 sunny hours

30 natural beaches

The average sea temperature is 25 °C

Various plants and forests

Throughout history, Rab has been extremely important for its surroundings, especially during the Roman era, when Rab was the center of Christianity, but also a strategic point of trade that connected the sea routes between Europe and Asia. The greatest recognition of the importance of Rab is precisely the title “Felix Arba”, which is displayed on the flag of the city of Rab and was awarded by the Romans, although the status and epithet “Felix” was rare in the Roman Empire.

The city center itself, which is located a few minutes’ walk from our accommodation, is a cultural monument and proof of the island’s rich history, and is adorned with a characteristic view with four bell towers representing the four seasons, and their height indicates the average air temperature at a certain time of the year. All bell towers were built in the Renaissance style, with the exception of St. Justine, which is part of the luxurious baroque infrastructure. The city center consists of four main streets – Riva, Donja ulica, Srednja ulica and Gornja ulica – which are “intersected” by 12 smaller alleys, marking 12 months within 4 seasons.

The influence of the West and the Italians throughout history is not only visible in the cultural riches, but can also be read from the very names of the seven settlements on the island – Kampor, Barbat, Banjol, Palit, Mundanije, Supetarska Draga and Lopar – whose names do not contain characteristic Slavic letters and suffixes. This is evidenced by the beautiful cove where we are located and which bears the name Padova with the nearby beaches “Padova I”, “Padova II” and “Padova III”.